We're Going to Be on Shark Tank! Thank you.

I’m so happy and privileged to tell you that BRUW is going to air on Shark Tank, January 6that 9pm EST on ABC.  
I got the news last Friday and have been reflecting and processing everything that’s been happening before I sent out the official notice.  
Before anything, I just want to say how thankful I am for the incredible amount of support and encouragement I’ve received from so many people in the last few days.  It’s been really amazing, and I truly feel so much support from everyone around me.
This is really hard to believe.  I started BRUW when I was only 15 years old in high school. I was just a kid who was drinking coffee way too young and had an idea to make it better.  There are dozens and dozens of cut up mason jar lids still scattered around my house and I went through more rolls of screen that I can count.  BRUW has really been in the making for so long.  


When I first had the idea, I took a roll of 4 foot tall butcher paper and unrolled a piece to cover my entire bedroom wall.  Without any thought, I started drawing out what BRUW should be.  I wrote out my goals, what needed to be done, and how I was going to get there.  Over the last 4 years, every time I accomplished something I would take a sharpie and draw a check mark next to it.  I still add to it today.

There are few things that really stay constant from the beginning of high school to being almost halfway through college.  BRUW was one of them.  I vividly remember laying in bed after late nights of working on BRUW in high school dreaming of the day when it would become a big company and all of my hard work would materialize.  Now, we’re still not big, but we finally have the chance to get there. 
Shark Tank has also always been a constant.  Even before BRUW started, when I wasn’t running a business and didn’t know that I would, I would watch episodes of Shark Tank wondering what I could pitch to the Sharks.  Thinking that maybe, one day, I could be standing on that famous carpet.  I never really thought I’d be on it, though.  I had so many businesses by the time I got to BRUW that it was hard to imagine BRUW becoming something bigger than a hobby. 

Ask anyone I went to high school with about how many times I would walk into class with a half-broken prototype, a new type of packaging I made from a bag of pretzels I dumped out in the pantry, or new logo ideas that I had very roughly designed.  Even before that though, I sold Bluetooth speakers (or tried to), phone rescue bags for when you drop your phone in a pool, and others that I can’t even remember.  Through all of these “businesses”, I would imagine myself on Shark Tank – only half believing that a bag full of silica gel wouldn’t be laughed out of the tank.
So, I just want to say Thank You.
BRUW is not on Shark Tank solely because of me, and just as I’m influenced by so many people, so is BRUW. There’s too many people to name, but I owe so much to friends, parents, family, teachers, mentors, professors, and even strangers who leave bad Amazon reviews.  I owe so much to you, and I am so thankful for all of your help making me grow.
Thank you so much.  I have so much gratitude, so much appreciation, and I am so excited to see what happens next.  This has been such an amazing journey, and I’m honored to be able to share it with all of you
Thank you so much.

Max Feber