The Ultimate Packing List for a Weekend Getaway

My boyfriend and I are what you’d call weekend warriors. We both work a lot and tend to keep full schedules, but every month or two we usually carve out time to pack a weekend bag and go somewhere, kind of far but not too far, just the two of us. The goal is to head out and cram in as much fun as we can fit into a weekend. Regardless of where we are going, there are a few things I’m never without.

a few of my favorite essential oils. I use lavender for sleep, which is extra important when I’m away from my normal surroundings. I use another for immune support because no one likes to be sick during (or after) their weekend of fun. I bring citrus oils along to make drinking lots of water more enjoyable. And the list goes on. I have an oil for everything. Yes, even that.

a cold brew coffee maker from BRUW. When we travel we tend to be up late and up early, so this just always comes in handy. It fits neatly in our bag and we don’t have to worry about stopping for coffee or whether or not we will have access to a coffee pot or not.  We can make it in a tent or a hotel, it doesn't need any electricity.  It’s one of our absolute favorite traveling must-haves and we don’t leave without it.

a giant water bottle and a few energy bars. I hate having to buy overpriced water and I also hate going without it. I’ve always got at least a 32 oz. bottle on me so I can stay hydrated. I also always have a couple of protein bars stashed in case we get in late or I wake up during the night totally hungry.

a pair of headphones. Traveling can come with weird noise. It can also come with waiting. Headphones are good for both of those.

my own pillow. There’s just something about the comfort of your own pillow. It just seems right to bring it along when possible. Sometimes I am guilty of bringing a sleeping bag or blankets too. I’m a sucker for cozy surroundings I guess.

Sneakers. As much as I love my cuter shoes, sometimes traveling involves an insane amount of walking. Other times I just love to squeeze a workout in. One time I even had a last minute opportunity to run a beach 5k and I happened to have my shoes! Winning.

A book and my journal - I love when I have the opportunity to relax for a few hours. Whether it’s poolside or an hour where he is asleep and I’m awake, my journal and book always come in handy. I have also read in standstill traffic and while waiting for our hotel room to be ready. It’s rare I go away for a weekend and don’t end up using my book or journal at some point. They don’t take up much room anyway, so if I don’t use them it’s okay too.

What are your traveling must-haves? I have found that every seasoned traveler has a few things they have found to be necessities and they also learn the things they have packed in the past but never used and eliminated them. Regardless of where you travel or what you do while you’re there, I strongly suggest adding a bottle of BRUW to your list. It really does come in handy.