Max Feber, founder of BRUW, will appear on Hatched TV show

Teen entrepreneur Max Feber, founder of BRUW, will be appearing on Hatched, a Nationally-syndicated television Series, for a shot at a once in a lifetime deal to take his company, BRUW, to the next level.

BRUW Founder, Max Feber

Hatched is a series that centers around entrepreneurs with innovative products looking to take their businesses to the next level.  Different from other entrepreneurial shows, however, Hatched focuses on incubating the small businesses to set them up for success.  It’s much more than just entertainment.  CEO and Executive Producer, Mark Koops of INE Entertainment says, “we ensure contestants receive the resources they need to succeed in their startups by curating partnerships that provide once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, while bringing valuable business acumen to viewers at home.”        

Regular judges include Victor Green, Early Stage Investor Steve Seigel, Home Shopping Network’s Dara Trujillo and Courtney and Carter Reum from holding company M13.

Max Feber meeting Dara Trujillo of HSN

Entrepreneurs appear in a retail setting in front of potential customers to get real feedback from real people.  Hosted by television personality and author Nicole Lapin,  The feedback is then discussed with a panel of judges to assess the brand’s potential for investment and popularity.

BRUW’s episode, airing on Feb. 25, will show BRUW’s creator and young entrepreneur, Max Feber, demonstrating his unique product to the Hatched panel.  What makes BRUW unique is that “Even though cold brew coffee is a huge fad right now, it has been around for decades. BRUW takes the traditional brewing method and improves upon it to make it easier for people to make at home” says Max Feber.

Will the Hatched panel agree with Max about his product and want to help millions of cold brew coffee drinkers brew at home? Tune in Feb. 25 to find out! Check your local listing for time and TV station: