Sunday, January 6 was not just any ordinary day for the BRUW team, especially for founder Max Feber. Feber, a coffee fanatic and young entrepreneur, always dreamed of airing on ABC’s Shark Tank and on January 6 these dreams became a reality. 


Feber presented his cold brew coffee system, BRUW, to the sharks on Sunday evening, January 6th.  BRUW, a double sided mason jar lid, serves to make cold brew coffee simple and easy.


Years of hard work was officially put to the test in just a ten-minute segment as Max entered the Tank to face some of his business idols.  Entering the tank with the hopes of receiving $50k in exchange for a 25% stake in the company, Max secured a deal with the one and only Mark Cuban. 


After Max answered rounds of grueling questions from the Sharks, they were impressed.  Deals started to roll in.  First from Kevin Oleary, who offered $50,000 for a 50% equity stake.  This was quickly laughed off by Max and followed by Daymond John’s offer of $50,000 for 30%, a more reasonable number based on the ask of $50,000 for 25%


Cuban offered Max 50k for 30% stake in the company, but his proposal followed with Cuban demanding to “know right now.”  Without hesitation, Max screamed “YES!” and fulfilled his lifelong dream of securing a deal with Shark Tank icon, Mark Cuban.


“We got a deal!” Max screams as he exits the stage in complete disbelief of his accomplishments.  Never in his wildest dreams did he picture his dreams coming true and him forming relationships with Sharks that he has idolized for decades.  Surrounded by his entire extended family and large network of friends, Max has been overwhelmed with support over the past few days. 


“I’ve had people coming to me out of the woodworks.  It’s been truly incredible.  Group chats from 3 years ago which haven’t been active since are lighting up about the deal.  It’s really a special feeling.”


Cuban referred to Max as his “mini me” and “essentially what this show is all about, young entrepreneurs following their dreams”.  Max has been an avid watcher of Shark Tank for over a decade, becoming a super fan over the years.  With the Sharks feedback to other entrepreneurs, Max was able to grow BRUW into what it is today.


Max plans to use this deal and invest funds towards various advertising and marketing plans per Cuban’s request.  With the deal officially secured, BRUW is just beginning its journey.  Sales skyrocketed last night as the episode aired all over the world.    Feber’s future has only just begun brewing. 


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