10% of all BRUW Sales go to Wounded Warrior Project for Memorial Day


Since BRUW started, one of our core values has been keeping all of our business in America.  I’ve always believed in supporting the American workforce and helping drive the economy of the United States. BRUW is fully made in America.  It’s not only assembled here, but all of our machines, molds, raw materials, and packaging components are also made in America.


We’re deeply rooted in this country and believe in supporting it.


When we were trying to decide what to do for Memorial Day this year, we didn’t think a sale was appropriate. Memorial Day has become a day of huge sales and massive shopping, and that’s not what we think this day should be about.  Memorial Day is about remembering those who have fallen for our country and honoring those who continue to serve to protect our freedoms.


We really wanted to find a way to honor the seriousness of the day and find a way to give back to our veterans and families of those who have fallen.  


This year, BRUW has elected to give 10% of our sales throughout Memorial Day Weekend to the Wounded Warrior Project.


The Wounded Warrior Project’s mission of enabling veterans to support themselves isn’t possible without support.  Through a variety of services, warriors are encouraged to feel empowered and immersed within their community. The contribution made by BRUW will help to provide resources to veterans who are looking to build successful futures.


BRUW products bought this weekend will have more of an impact that BRUW filters bought any other time this year.  We really hope this will do a ton of good and make a large impact.


We will always appreciate the sacrifice our soldiers make and thank all of them for their service.


Please reach out to us here with questions.